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RISK WARNING: Your capital is at risk. The risks of investing include: illiquidity; lack of dividends; loss of investment; and dilution. You should invest only as part of a diversified portfolio.
Please read FULL risk warning

The Saxon Group

Own Your Own Oil Well

Investment closes only once the total pledged amount passes the minimum of £5,000

Total Pledged: £233,000



A pledge is not a commitment. You will be asked to confirm in the next section.



Generally, investors have two ways to invest in the oil market. They can either opt to invest through established public routes which includes commodity trading or investing in shares in oil companies (listed or unlisted). Alternatively, investors can invest directly in an oil well. 
The reason investing in an oil and/or gas well is not familiar to many individuals is because it is more popular in areas where those reserves exist.
The Saxon platform aims to break through barriers of entry by affording investors the opportunity to directly participate in deals that we source.
The Saxon Group consist of two entities. These are:
Saxon Oil WI LLC
Corporate Structure registered in Delaware, US. Every investment has an associated Special Purpose Vehicle called a Series. The SPV act as one investor in a project and private investors become members of the series.  Earnings for members is a percentage of future profits, pro-rated to their holding (member share) in the Series.
WI Consultancy Ltd
This is a company registered in Grand Cayman.  WIC is the Managing Member for Saxon. The company is in charge of sourcing and structuring potential investment opportunities and negotiates agreements on behalf of a new Series. The company also oversees the managing of member’s interest on an on-going basis. This includes liaising with our auditors, making profit distributions, providing operational reports, etc.


The Saxon Group have been actively operating since 2014 and have made investments in the major oil producing States like Texas, Louisiana and Illinois. 

With our investors we have successfully funded 10 different Series for a total gross investment in excess of nearly £5m. 
Our group has a proven track record of payment to our investors. 
To our knowledge Saxon is Europe's leading platform for investors to gain access to the profitable, direct investment deals in US Oil & Gas. 
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Deal Manager
Kieran Chong

  • Sector: Energy
  • Region: United States
  • Stage: Other
  • Eligible Tax: Not Applicable
  • Min Investment: £5,000
  • Originator: 360Equity
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Originator: 360Equity

Investment Focus: Equity, Debt, Property, Secondary Market (i.e. buying shares from existing shareholders), and Cryptocurrency

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Type: Investor Network

Contact Name: Dominic Berger

Date established: November 1998

Date Joined Envestry: April 2019

  • Registered Investors
    Over 1000
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    Up to £1m