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Maintaining cross-border trade and enabling Brexit without a backstop.

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ELAND is delivering a technology solution to the post-Brexit transportation of goods in and out of the United Kingdom by building a mobile security technology that will enable frictionless cross border trading through seamless digital borders.

In addition to the UK and global markets, a seamless digital customs arrangement would allow the continued flow of goods across Ireland in keeping with the Good Friday agreement, therefore negating the need for an Irish backstop.

ELAND is a consortium of border security professionals, haulage industry experts and leading IT specialists who provide the requisite skills for a seamless digital border system. Using digital seals, blockchain records and GPS tracking, the Eland system can automatically engage and update the government customs systems on both sides of a border.  This means that goods can be transported to their final destination without border stops and checks.

Key Messages

  • Elandbridge Ltd has been founded to enable the free flow of trade between countries through the creation of seamless digital borders.
  • In Ireland, the seamless digital border will help to prevent the return of a hard border.
  • The implementation of a seamless digital border will, if adopted, assist the passage of Brexit by removing the need for the Backstop.
  • Eland, as far as we are aware, is the only technology-based alternative arrangement solution that has so far been proposed in any detail.
  • Eland is applicable to all points of entry and exit in the UK, for example Dover-Calais and the Euro channel. 

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ELANDBRIDGE Ltd is partnering with industry leading organisations to provide reliable and robust systems that combine the latest technology with proven field deployment.  ELAND is also supported by high-profile technologists, haulage experts and politicians from both the UK and Ireland.
“Virtualisation of the border through a sophisticated data tracking system is the answer to how the immediate Irish border issue can be settled.  It is also a model for how all borders could one day be managed to accelerate trade and smooth the path of commerce".“ELAND has made a smart choice in using proven technology components to build the virtual border system.  It will be speed deployment, make it more reliable in use and easier to interface with the HMRC and the Revenue Commissioners IT systems." 

- Caroline Carruthers, data leader, author of Amazon Top 1000 “Data Driven Business Transformation”, ex-CDO Network Rail, founder and CEO of Carruthers & Jackson.  

“Providing friction-free trading post Brexit is an absolutely priority for the UK, Ireland and the EU.  We need a robust and affordable system that can be up and running in months, and one that can interface seamlessly with the British and EU customs systems.  ELAND has the proven technology, the detailed implementation plan and the management team that can deliver the solution. Most importantly, they have the support across the freight industry and politicians of all sides.” 

- Tom Burnet, technology entrepreneur, Board Director of Accesso Technology Group PLC and former CEO and Chairman, Chairman of Inspired Thinking Group and PCMS Group.

Project ELAND is using existing technologies to build a totally secure freight transit system. The technologies are based on the digital sealing of containers, GPS routing records, automated certification and anti-tampering enforcement with every detail recorded in a blockchain time-dated database.
The system operates at three levels of security
1)    Securing the goods to be transported in the blockchain database
2)    Securing the pallet
3)    Securing the container or truck trailer to be used to transport the goods
Each level of security is tracked through the blockchain ledger against GPS and time data.
The ELAND user-interface module is planned to integrate with a number of governmental systems including the UK “CHIEF” and EU “THYME” customs systems. Data will be pre-provided for clearance prior to transit and the use of GPS systems ensure that the triggering of the import and export event occurs seamlessly through the “digital border” provided by geo-location. This is designed to be faster than physical checks and removes the necessity for any return of a hard border.
Border Forces
Following Brexit and the UK withdrawal from the European Customs Union, strict application of current laws could mean the reestablishment of border posts and physical controls in the UK. There is a huge bottom-up demand from hauliers, manufacturers and politicians for a technical solution to avoid physical checks. 
Customs Officials
Both HMRC and The Revenue Commissioners will require any technological border solution to comply with their existing regulations. Project ELAND’s user-interface module will be designed to integrate with a number of governmental systems including the UK “CHIEF” and EU “THYME” customs systems. This allows for all required documentation to be completed virtually in compliance with both UK and EU customs regulations.
The Good Friday Agreement
One of the significant benefits of the ELAND solution is to maintain the integrity of the Good Friday Agreement, something both the politicians and people of Ireland have benefitted from since 1998.
The ELAND technological solution for the Irish border question has the potential to be replicated across other ports and crossings between Britain and the EU. Many haulage industry officials are worried about the repercussions of Brexit on the channel crossing, which sees an average of 6,800 lorries pass through every day. These lorries are currently processed within two minutes, however this could increase dramatically when Britain exits the European Customs Union. By implementing a virtual border enabled by Project ELAND’s solution based on pre-existing technologies, the continued use of the green lane security could be maintained. 

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